Where Has Mentorship Gone?

Mentorship was and is a big thing talked about in the church. How we should be mentoring and training each other, the older training the younger, etc. But it doesn’t have to be a church thing necessarily, it just generally is. These days I am really wondering why it just doesn’t seem to be a big priority any more though. I see so many girls my age go through so much hard stuff but they never had anyone older there to help them through it, to help them make the right decision, and give them advice about similar things they’d been through. Personally, there have been things that have happened and been happening in my own life where I wish an older girl or woman had taken the time to notice, to step into my life and ask me about them, cry with me when I hurt, be my friend but also give me advice about other things and ways to go about these parts of my life. I think that so much pain and heartache, loneliness and fear could be avoided if we just had people who saw mentorship not as a lost cause for this generation but as a necessity in raising up the teenagers in our churches, communities and homes. I have seen so many cases over and over where girls, (boys too) don’t know what they are getting into  but go for it anyway and next thing they know, they’re neck deep in pain and problems that came from a long stream of bad decisions, but no one ever took the time to tell them or show them where that stuff would lead. Maybe i’m speaking out of turn, maybe I am wrong, but for myself personally, I think I could have avoided a few situations that left me feeling hurt and hopeless in the end, if I had been told and mentored by someone who saw the potential  for heartache in my decisions and took the time to coach me through. I feel like the same could be said for many people.

I just want to get across to all you young women, older girls & boys, men, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask that younger girl or guy how their week is going, even if you barely know them, don’t be afraid to ask them to go for coffee because even if they seem shy or uninterested, you have no idea how badly they could have been needing someone to care enough just to ask that. Last year I got the chance to get to know one of the biggest blessings that ever walked into my life at camp. If you’re reading this, you know who you are 🙂 she taught me and changed me in ways she has no idea because she took the chance to ask me how i was, to laugh with me, joke with me and make an effort to get to know me by hanging out with me. I am 4 years younger than her, but she treated my like an equal and befriended me. And I am and was so blessed to have had a friend like her in my life!!

Mentorship is not a dead process, not a lost cause, it is needed now more than ever! My generation needs older people to care. I need it. We need you 🙂 and you can reach out, no matter where you’re at in life. Help younger people learn from your mistakes, from your lessons and stories, take the time to listen. In the end, you could end up changing a life! 🙂